Help complete this artwork for me

This is a lovely scene Mr Author has done of me. (If you want to see it more closely, just click on it).

However, I look a little lonely, don’t you think? The rainforest is a busy, noisy place full of creatures in the air, on the ground, climbing through the trees, and I think it would be wonderful to capture some of that.

So, here’s what I have in mind:

I want you to send in some drawings of animals to fill out the scene. I know you don’t live in New Guinea like I do,  so maybe you don’t know what animals to draw, but
Mr Author has suggested that with a little help from the internet you’ll have plenty of ideas in no time.


Nevertheless, to help you on your way, here’s what I suggest:

A: Here we need some snakes, or a cuscus, or maybe even another tree kangaroo (and it might be a different species to me too).

B: Climbing up the tree trunk we need some bugs or spiders or caterpillars.

C: Up here in the branches live the beautiful birds of paradise (and they fly about up in the sky here too).

D: Down in the river lives my friend Matius the sea turtle, but there are also dugongs and plenty of fish.


You may have some other ideas that I haven’t thought of. In any case, do your drawings on white paper, and make them as colourful and beautiful as you can.
Then, when you’re finished, have Mum or Dad fill in the Message box below telling Mr Author you have some artwork ready. He’ll get then get in touch to tell them the email address to send it in to.

Then, you’ll see your artwork appear in the tree behind me. I’m hoping that soon, this tree will be filled with beautiful artworks.

Happy drawing, Widodo.