Hello! I’m Widodo!

I’m the tree kangaroo who broke with convention and decided to go snorkeling. (Click on the image to see me with some of my mates – I’m the one on the far left). Snorkeling isn’t as simple as it looks, and I have to thank my good sea turtle friend Matius for putting the idea in my head in the first instance. But in any case, I ended up with a story so dazzlingly edge-of-your branch exciting, that I felt it only proper to share it with the world.

And so I have – with a little help from Mr Author of course, who, using computers and micro-chip technology and internets (it all sounds very complicated), has built this website to share my tale with you. And a lot more besides. I keep him fairly busy with my many ideas, and you will see quite a few of them here. (Some are Mr Author’s ideas. ‘You must Tweet, Widodo!’ said he, one morning. ‘Birds-of-paradise tweet?’ I asked. ‘No tree kangaroo tweet!’ he replied, bewilderingly. But once he explained it more fully, I became convinced.)

So enjoy! Play and have fun and learn a thing or two about life in the cloud forest. And do send me heaps of comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

Love Widodo


Watch Mr Author morph into me!

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How can help preserve tree kangaroos? (A noble cause, if ever there was)

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Dear reader,
I’d love to know what your favourite wild animal is.
(Even if it’s a dugong!)

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I’m the most well-connected marsupial in the cloud forest, thanks to those little blue Twitter birds

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Help me choose my latest pair of flippers. It isn’t as easy as you’d think!

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Mr Author gets as close as a human can to Salsa and Param – Taronga’s two beautiful tree kangaroos.
(With special thanks to Nikki and Sam)
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Got a question for me?

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Now you can go anywhere looking just like me!

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This was me not so long ago – my picture frame was empty.

Now, with a bit of help from Mr Author, some of my clever readers completed some beautiful pictures for me to hang.









Here they are hanging in my tree.

What a wonderful effort!

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It’s looking far prettier now but I can always have another artwork. Help me fill up my tree.

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