Tree kangaroos & conservation

I must thank Mr Author for this section on my website. It was his idea, for only it could be really, as while I am more adventurous than most tree kangaroos, it is beyond my abilities to cross the seas to discover the plight of my fellow animals.

Mr Author does this from his desk apparently, using computers, and on occasion ventures forth in his vehicle to zoos and aquariums. His research always makes for fascinating reading and many evenings I’ve held the rapturous attention of half a dozen young tree kangaroos with thrilling tales of creatures far, far away.

I embellish where necessary, but make no apology for that as it’s always been my style.

Love Widodo


Watch this little joey having a feed at St Louis Zoo.
Then it’s time to climb into Mum’s pouch for a rest!

Lumholtz tree kangaroo from far north Queensland.

Watch these two delightful joeys. I was once this cute!
 Watch how well a young joey can bounce around after Mum so high off the ground. From Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland.

Watch this beautiful new clip from the Taronga Zoo Conservation Society. Very clever too, I think!


How can I donate to help tree kangaroos?