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Sitting high up in my fig tree, I admit I’ve had little to do with school children to date. But we tree kangaroos are blessed with not only an inquisitive spirit, but also superb camouflage. So I have on occasion ventured near to the village where the human children walk in a line to school and watched and wondered as they disappeared inside the little hut.

It was only upon meeting Mr Author (and the circumstances of that are a tale for another day) that I learned what school is all about. It so enthralled me that I asked Mr Author to forward to me information about the animals of the world, and a whole lot more besides, whenever he could find the time. You can imagine my thrill when, not long after, he told me he had written some lessons for school children.

I have read them over. There is much that makes me happy but also much that makes me sad and nervous for the future. It seems many animals around the world are not as fortunate as I and their lives and homelands are under threat. I commend Mr Author for bringing such important issues before young children.

Love Widodo


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