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To be fair, I’m one of the more media-savvy marsupials. Matius, my good sea turtle friend, is continually amazed by the tidbits of information I feed him concerning the state of the cloudforest beyond our little patch, human successes in breeding my cousins in their zoos, and even the discovery of new animals far, far away.

In truth, much of this knowledge comes to me from Mr Author (read my interview with him here). Sitting at his desk in Sydney, he feels a certain obligation, I believe, to repay me for relating to him my dazzling tale which he is turning into a book and by which he hopes to buy a Maserati – whatever that might be.

As a social creature with a ‘global audience’ (so Mr Author calls it) I cannot help but share my thoughts with you and it seems Twitter is the easiest way to do so. If this sounds like a good idea to you, just make sure you ask Mum or Dad before you sign up to my Tweets.

Love Widodo

PS I’ve seen blue birds before, not far from here, but none that look quite like this strange Twitter bird.