Widodo brushes

Project 5 of 27

What could be finer than to be able to plaster my face all over the place?

I’ve got three different brushes ready for you to upload to your drawing or painting software (should your software permit it – you might need Mum or Dad, or an older brother or sister to help you do this).
Basically, if you’ve got something like Photoshop Elements, you can select one of these files and upload it as a brush. How cool is that!

My Author has kindly painted me in a bunch of colours on the left so you can see what’s possible with a bit of imagination.

Click on the link to the brush, then right+click and save it to your desktop. Then you need to upload it to your drawing software. These files are .png which means there’s actually none of the grey around my head. Only me.

Have fun.

Love Widodo

Brush 1: Widodo’s head

Brush 2: Widodo in mask and snorkel

Brush 3: Widodo sitting down