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‘Widodo the tree kangaroo who went snorkeling’ is the first in a series of illustrated children’s books.

Each book has between 4000 and 6000 words and is divided into 3 acts. Act 1 of Widodo’s tale can be read here. Each act comprises 6 double-page landscape spreads and there is a map at the end of each book which shows all the locations within that story. So, in total, 19 double-page spreads similar in style to the illustrations below. Each story is set in a new country featuring a new set of beautiful and intriguing animals. There is a unique colour palate for each book and yet also a unifying style that ties all the books together in the series.

There is much rich detail within these illustrations. Click on each image to view the Png file at a larger size and then click on each portion of the image to further enlarge.
Note, for example in the scene containing the five pandas, the Chinese characters carved into the cherry tree. They spell, ‘the ancient cherry tree bursts into life’. Or, the characters in the centre of the moon which spell, ‘moonlight’. Or the jade bracelet on the wrist of the panda Huan.
Each scene has a similar level of detail giving children much to look for and discover during reading after reading.

Total production time per book is 6 months.

The story and rough sketches for ‘Widodo the tree kangaroo who went snorkeling’ are complete and the artwork is in progress. Synopses for the next 3 books are written and outlines are written for the next 8, bringing the series total to 12.

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Widodo for web‘Widodo the tree kangaroo goes snorkeling’

One little tree kangaroo will do anything to find out where the sun comes from each morning.
In this, the first story of the series, Widodo, a young tree kangaroo, befriends a sea turtle who takes him far from his comfortable fig tree. But not everything the two friends discover is pleasing and Widodo finds he has much to learn about friendship and his own ambition.



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Panda for web‘The circus pandas of Shaanxi’

Five pandas are living a double life. By day, they maintain the slow-moving, bamboo-eating characteristics for which their species is famous. But every night they spend hour after hour performing & perfecting circus tricks. Their circus is thrown out of village after village, but then a travelling troupe of tigers appears and much to the shock of the pandas, proves irresistible. All is not what it appears and soon panda and tiger and villager clash in a show to end all shows.

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Rhino for web‘Doosha the rhinoceros and the wise peacock’

The young Indian rhino, Doosha, is impetuous and angry. He longs for the day when he’ll be the biggest animal in the forest and all his problems will go away. The advice of the old peacock appears mere waste of breath until Doosha visits the city and returns with understanding and knowledge that brings a new order to the forest.


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SugarGliders for web‘The sugar gliders in the opera house’

One sugar glider is a handful. Three is ceaseless trouble, mayhem and mischief. Opposite Sydney’s famous opera house in an ancient gum tree live three siblings. Mystified by the big white building that every night sucks in hundreds of very nicely dressed humans, their curiosity gets the better of them. They soon discover that not much is as it appears in this building and there are hidden secrets everywhere.


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