Naturally enough,

you’d like to see one of my cousins in the wild and in that case, depending on the species, you’d either have to travel to North Queensland (I’ve not been there, but I’ve heard it’s nice) or the island of New Guinea (where I live, and I can certainly attest it is nice).

However, perhaps you live somewhere a long way away from either of those places. No matter! Mr Author has been searching and searching the zoos of the world to see where your nearest tree kangaroo enclosures are. Just click on your country’s flag and a list of zoos will pop up with a link to their websites.

Then just persuade Mum or Dad to drive you there!

Love Widodo

P.S. If you are searching for Golden Mantled tree kangaroos (that’s my species), you won’t find them. We are super rare and no zoo that I know of has them. But plenty of zoos have Goodfellow’s tree kangaroos and they look pretty similar to me.


German zoos

Ukrainian zoos